Just say “No”

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Back in April I took myself up to London for a full body PET scan by way of an annual MOT for my body, the same I have to do for my car, by law.

Whilst the good news was “no new cancers”, the not so good was, “but we might have found the precursor to the one you’ve always been concerned about”. Barrett’s Oesophagus is a condition that tends to lead to oesophageal cancer and, almost as importantly, tends never to be spotted in time to do something about. So, a sort of good news, then.

The next step is to perform a gastroscopy, camera down the oesophagus, and I just finally got around to organising mine.

I’ve got a very nice and highly experienced expert doctor on the case. His secretary and he have been extremely helpful and accommodating and today I was booked at this well-regarded hospital to have the procedure on Sept 13th. Cue the various emails and documentation that inevitably accompanies these things.

As I scanned the paperwork, my eyes alighted on the references to Covid testing and isolation – it’s highly detailed and specific and “more stringent than government recommendations”. Oh oh!

Well, I thought about it, for all of ten minutes, and penned the following response to the hospital with copies to my doctor and his secretary. I think I can let the email explain the rest.

It read:

Thank you for all the information, I’m very grateful. I will happily complete the forms and provide you with my credit card details.

There is one matter, though, to which I cannot acquiesce and it’s only right that I make you aware of this in plain terms. 

I have not been infected with Coronaphobia or, as some define it, Covid psychosis. I have, however, been infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus and suffered an awful flu-like illness, in bed for nine days. That was back in late March 2020. Luckily, given the wonders of the immune system and all the many years knowledge of how it and viruses work, that means I have full natural immunity. Just in case anyone were to doubt such a thing, I took the trouble, the following year, to have blood taken and my T-Cells subjected to analysis. The test confirmed that my T-Cells are sensitised to SARS-COV-2 and thus that I have immunity resulting from prior infection.  Additionally, as we know from annual studies of SARS-COV-1 infected persons, since 2003, that immunity is lifelong, given that 19 years is well beyond my life expectancy.

I attach a copy of the authoritative report for your records. This also appears in the medical records held by my GP. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that, unlike so many unfortunate others, I was not tempted into the extremely dangerous practice of taking a “Covid vaccine” subsequently. Those poor people suffered the worst of outcomes. As there is no single example in all the planetary data, of someone with natural immunity from prior infection, who has not succumbed to the “vaccine”, suffering a second dose of the illness, I’m confident I can neither contract the virus nor infect others with it. Please note, I refer to actual infection, not positive testing. 

I have never and will never wear a mask or take a ridiculous test for Covid, PCR or lateral flow. I will not isolate, in the terms proscribed. I will however, as has always been the case, advise you and your colleagues should I knowingly come into contact with someone in the day or two prior to my procedure, who is suffering any infectious disease, including the common cold. I would similarly inform you if I was infected with such a disease. Beyond that, I’m afraid, we’re all in the lap of the gods, as it were. 

I’m aware that many other people who, like me, face the prospect of a terminal illness, have been bludgeoned into submission, whether they are infected with the psychosis or not, at the very time their psychological resistance is at its lowest. That will not be true in my case. I’ll put this in simple terms, I would rather die of one of my terminal cancers, than give succour to, what I believe to be, the greatest affront to the human race since history began. 

I’m neither mad, nor a conspiracy theorist. I had an IQ at age 14 of 144. I’ve run a global corporation and my essential skill was an ability to gather information, subject it to rigorous analysis and then develop real world working solutions.  I was quite successful.  Those same abilities are what spared me from the psychosis, though nobody escapes the virus.  Don’t mistake this for arrogance, I’m an extremely humble individual, I’m simply expressing the facts, not opinion. 

Please don’t be offended. Had you asked, I would have similarly declined invitations to test me for Ebola, Hepatitis, HIV, Polio, Mumps, Measles, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, or anything else with a survival rate many orders of magnitude less than SARS-COV-2 and, incidentally, most of which I have been successfully vaccinated against, unlike anyone who was conned, bullied or forced into taking any of the experimental drug treatments for Covid which were falsely branded as vaccines and which now, even the FDA acknowledges, was something of a, how shall we say? A faux pas?

So, unlike some others, I will not die of my terminal cancers, at least not because of these requirements. I shall surely die of one of them but happy in the knowledge that my life and my integrity, still stand for something. 

Instead, I am in the enviable position of being able to take my custom anywhere in the world at a facility of my choosing. 

I like HCA. I’ve had extremely good care at The Wellington, The Princess Grace and London Bridge and have recommended them to many associates. I’d be disappointed if that good business relationship were to flounder on this issue but, flounder it must, if the hospital chooses witchcraft over science.

I look forward to your, or your superiors’, considered response in due course. 

With kind regards 

Robin Redmile-Gordon 

On 26 Aug 2022, at 15:58, Robert <xxxxxxxxx@hcahealthcare.co.uk> wrote:

Dear Mr Redmile-Gordon,

Thank you for choosing The Princess Grace Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK. We are recognised as one of the UK’s best-equipped, multidisciplinary, acute private surgical hospitals, offering access to the latest innovative technology and pioneering medical and surgical treatment, with leading consultants and medical experts ensuring you receive the highest level of care.

The attached admissions brochure, isolation and testing guidance documents contain important information to help you prepare before, during and after your procedure. Please read through these documents carefully. If you or your relatives have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact details below.


Admission time:


Expected length of stay:


Procedure code:



Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) includes forceps biopsy, biopsy urease test and dye spray                       

To ensure that your procedure goes ahead as planned, please complete the following steps before your admission:

  • Confirm your patient record is up to date. A member of our Pre-Assessment and Pre-Admission team will be in touch to ensure that we have up to date information and a credit or debit card on file.
  • Ensure full payment has been made ahead of your admission. Our methods of payment can be found on page 2 of your Admission Agreement
  • Read and sign the surgical consent form attached to this email
  • Follow the isolation and testing guidance document attached.
  • Complete your own lateral flow test on the day of your admission before you leave home. You should report your result following the instructions provided with your test kit and bring evidence of this to the hospital.

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