In Retrospect

Never forget, Never forgive, Never again!

No pleasant read, this, no more pleasant than it was for me to write.

I’ve written very little about the “Coronaphobia Episode” during the history of the 21st century, at least in long form. I’ve written countless tweets on the matter and, to be fair, there’s probably been more written on the topic than any other in all of human history. There again, there’s never been a more calamitous example of human folly in all that time.

There’s a desire amongst the majority, I suspect, to just move on, to put it all behind us. Nowhere is that more keenly felt than amongst politicians across the western world (excluding Sweden), the meeja who promulgated and promoted their propaganda, those who publicly wished all the unvaccinated a painful death and “public health officials” eager to distance themselves from their ethical abandonment.

I feel no such desire. In an ideal world, I’d like them all hunted down and shot – or hanged. I don’t much mind which as long as it gets as much global news coverage as did their earlier malevolence.

I know that will shock or offend some but I make no apology and there is good precedent. Humanity does not need these egotistical ignoramuses in any position of power or authority, ever again. Thinking aloud, I suppose the logical conclusion of what I’ve just written, if it please the faint hearted, would be to simply ban them from ever holding such a position in the future. But it’s impractical to enforce and, in any event, when it comes to accountability I’m a great advocate of retribution.

The mantra I will take to my grave, sooner or later:

Never forget, Never forgive, Never again

I said there was precedent. My mantra bears a striking resemblance to the calls made after (and ever since) the last great psychosis, that of the mid 20th Century. Some will shrivel at the parallel but I can think of no closer equivalence.

Growing up in post-war Britain, these questions pervaded.

How could this happen?

How could they (the German public) not know?

How did ordinary people become so dehumanised?

How were the educated ones, the scientists, the academics, fooled into going along with it?

Why did no one speak up?

We all know of which I speak and I also know, using my sensitive, Jewish, New Yorker wife as a touchstone that she and many of similar culture will think me quite mad and grossly offensive for equating the two. But I’m absolutely right to do so.

The Jewish People have taken an understandably proprietary ownership of the Holocaust and who can blame them. Not only were they the greatest victims by number, the roots of the discrimination and enmity that led to those events run deep and long through European history.

I have a different perspective, however. For me it’s not an issue of faith, culture or heritage. It’s an issue of power and control. It’s an exemplary lesson in the manipulation and perversion of good people to do something unimaginable, by malevolent forces bent on an objective that no civilised society would ever submit to, absent those manipulations. In short, good people and bad of all faiths, cultures and nationalities are equally capable of such deception and acquiescence.

As I said, these questions have overshadowed my entire life. I long ago thought I’d pretty much worked it out. Watching the unfolding propaganda of the “Falklands Conflict”, then two Gulf Wars, sealed my belief, yet still I clung to the faith that it couldn’t happen now, not in modern, progressive times like these.

As Prof John Gray maintains, however, there is no such thing as progress, not in the arena of Human relations, societies. No upward graph of progress here, just a roller coaster rising and falling with the events of the times.

With all of this experience and aforethought, nothing prepared me for Coronaphobia. How could this happen? How could they not know? How did ordinary people become so dehumanised? How were the educated ones, the scientists, the academics, fooled into going along with it? Why did no one speak up?

Well, now we know. Or, at least, those of us who’ve been paying attention knew all along, many others are or will soon catch up as more facts emerge into mainstream media, facts that were always painfully evident but constantly denied, labelled as misinformation and those who revealed them as anti-vaxers, domestic terrorists and far-right extremists. All part of the century old script.

As John Mills famously said: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

I can’t imagine Mills was overlooking the other essential component, that the vast mass of the people were gullible enough to be influenced by either, he just felt that was taken for granted.

There’s a school of forgiveness at large that pleads on behalf of the “bad men”: They’re not really bad, they did what they thought was right, based on the evidence they had. Wrong. That’s exactly the absolution that every member of the public is entitled to, for going along with the crowd. I don’t like it but I accept the inevitability of it. That cannot be extended to the central actors: media, politicians, doctors, academics. These people are in their positions because they claimed the right to be so, they claimed authority, intelligence, ethics, expertise, impartiality. They clung to their authority whilst jettisoning every other moral or intellectual vestige of the rest. They rewrote every rule in the book, hundreds and thousands of years of learning, abandoned. They hid their cynical smiles behind something called “The Science”. Dictionaries are too analogue for the now, we’re progressive and words mean whatever we want them to mean, like “man” or “woman” or “race”.

There is rarely someone we can call “a bad man”, they don’t see themselves as bad, we judge them in retrospect, based on their actions. Like all of us, we’re simultaneously capable of good and bad so what separates us? Those that do bad from those that don’t? Well, for most of us, we have very little authority over others. Perhaps our spouse or our children, but limited. Perhaps the children in a teacher’s class, perhaps the parked cars we are policing. The people I care about, the ones under discussion here, hold sway over millions, with absolute power and authority – as has just, conveniently, been proved in the biggest social experiment in history. We lost. We will keep on losing and now they know it.

So they come to their position having some conviction that they do so to improve the lives of others, to give something back, or so I’m told. The more the Emperor’s lack of apparel is revealed the more I’m forced to wonder if any of that was ever true, at least in any altruistic sense. Could that not be the facade their conscience creates to cloak their real greed for advancement, advantage, money, power, recognition, egoism?

I’m afraid that is now my settled conviction. I hear nurses striking for more pay, claiming it’s to save the NHS, postal workers saying it’s to protect a precious public service, there is no immunity to self-delusion, least not one that separates them from us.

Our brains are oh so clever! They have a mission, to keep us alive, fit and free from anything that could harm us, such as our conscience. It’s a mission doomed to ultimate failure but pursued doggedly and without let or hindrance. Anything the conscience finds uncomfortable, the cerebrum will gild with flowers and intoxicating perfume, the bad smell to stifle. We have all experienced it, both in others as in ourselves.

We are herd animals, imbued with an innate, protective survival instinct that drives all others, all decisions conscious and unconscious. Conscience may moderate if ethics triumph but the person, body and soul, must be protected above all else. Ethics are negotiable.

We want to be loved, not least by our selves. We don’t want to be vilified, especially by our selves. We don’t want to become unelected and lose every glory we had fought for. We fiercely protect our status, the respect and position we have earned. We are willing to sacrifice almost anything (ethics, morals, friends, family, anything) just as long as we can create a pleasant enough, barely believable and thick enough cloak with which to disguise the disgust we would otherwise feel for our own person.

And so, it happens…

First there is concern, something is happening, we get wrapped up in the excitement. It gets reported and it seems shocking. The clamour grows and now there’s genuine fear. We have to take action, we have to be seen to care, to be dutiful, to earn our keep, to issue messages of assuagence, to make plans, to prepare…..

It’s exciting. It’s novel. One assumes a level of importance in one’s role that was previously all but ignored. We get carried away. There’s much chatter, opinions abound, one seeks comfort in the most authoritative source that feels reassuringly generally held.

And so it begins…..

Confession is good for the soul but not for one’s career. First, of course, one would need to recognise one’s error. That cloak is thick, barely penetrable. The longer the position persists, the more intractable a retraction, a volte face. Lies get built upon mistakes, till every issue looks like a nail to your protective hammer. The delusion is stealthy, it is powerful, it eventually becomes all embracing. Anyone who even suggests an alternate perspective indeed any suggestion that runs contrary to the herd narrative is attacked, viciously and mercilessly.

We watched this unfold, all of us. It was not a subliminal advert on our TV screens, it was a sustained, multifaceted assault that continued unabated for over two years and still rumbles on. What is left of surprise to me is that any of us managed to protect ourselves sufficiently, and not succumb, unlike the majority.

There will be some reading this who genuinely won’t understand what I’m saying, others who will brand me mad or conspiratorial. Water off a duck’s back but for them, lest they still claim ignorance, I will spell out the atrocities:

1. We, the west and in particular the US, funded the development of a Frankenstein virus. We wrote the genetic code, patented it and outsourced production to ill-prepared, inexperienced staff working from insecure premises in Wuhan, China. That was a series of crimes specifically aimed at humanity. Then we lied about every single detail.

2. Western governments colluded, both in this and what followed, against the interests of the very people they were paid and entrusted to protect.

3. Human beings, citizens, subjects, were forcibly locked in their own homes. They were denied freedom of movement, of travel, of assembly, of association. Rights won at great cost over centuries.

4. Children were subjected to some of the most grotesque abuse I’ve ever witnessed, including social and sensory deprivation not to mention medical experimentation.

5. Elderly folk were incarcerated in infested, infected premises, medical care withdrawn, banned from associating with their loved ones, even in their final days.

6. Anyone who dared speak out was cancelled, vilified, ostracised or sacked – regardless their credentials or the voracity of their facts.

7. The entire global economy was shut down as if it could be switched back on, at will, like a lightbulb. The costs of that action, in money and lives, will be felt for decades.

8. A very large percentage of the western population now consist of cells trained to emit a pathogen throughout their bodies which has ‘unknown’ capacity for harm. That is to say, we’re aware of many of the harms, just not all of them.

9. Anti-terrorism tactics, fearmongering, incarceration, control, dictatorial, authoritarian rule, police brutality and stupidity, courts of law and prisons, all the weapons of the State, were brought to bear against their own citizens in pursuit of this neurosis.

10. Millions of people had the doors slammed in their faces when they tried to seek healthcare. Millions wait for operations, or for a now terminal diagnosis. The repercussions will reverberate for decades.

And why? All for what?

To “save” us from a Frankenstein virus of their own creation, as similar to influenza as makes no difference either in its severity, symptoms, susceptibility or survivability.

The infection fatality rate for flu is approximately 0.2%, at the high end of estimates, about the same as Covid. Luckily if you’re <75 y/o, it’s a tiny fraction of that.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 80.9 years. The average age of death for those “where Covid was mentioned “, whether in passing or otherwise was, wait for it: 82 years. Covid is, apparently, an elixir of life.

For this we gave up every freedom we possess. We dressed in stupid masks, some even donned plastic bags over their heads, or their entire bodies. People stood on marked spots on the floor and followed one-way arrows around foodstores. Women meeting up in the park for a walk were arrested for daring to bring coffee. Protesters were beaten mercilessly whilst the dumb coppers got down on one knee at protests organised by left-wing lunatic members of a BLM Ponzi scam in honour of a genuine bad man, one Floyd somethingorother, as the little grunts defaced statues of Churchill, Bomber Command and others. Churchill, the man who singularly spared these same plebs from German parentage.

The true list of affronts to civilisation is long indeed, far longer than anyone has time to read, though I think I’ve read most of it over the last three years. I carry the emotional scars forever.

We’re told we must forgive them “for they knew not what they did”, I don’t care one jot. If they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, they were singularly unqualified for their job.

We’re told “they based their decisions on the information available at the time”. Well so did I and many like me and that same information spoke clearly to me as far back as Jan/Feb 2020, a month or two before I caught the airborne respiratory virus myself, a coronavirus much like those that can cause the common cold and made worse by human engineering to which our immune systems were unaccustomed.

So to return to my core theme. Approximately seven million people are deemed to have died, globally from Covid. Near as makes no difference to the number the Germans, under Hitler, exterminated in concentration camps after incarcerating them, having already stripped them of their rights, their humility, their respect, their jobs, their old people, their sick people, their health and their possessions. Sound familiar? No? Really? Then I have no more words.

Some tell us, they were just following orders. Well, what do you know? As Christine said from the witness box, “Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?” And as everyone said at Nuremberg, we don’t give a flying fuck, you should have said NO!


This little snippet from the Matt Hancock memoir “The Pandemic Diaries” sums up the panic, callousness, stupidity and ignorance of very ordinary people driven by fear and false motivations.

Talking of the NHS planning what to do with cancer patients:

“It was feared chemotherapy would make them more vulnerable to the disease, so hospitals were supposed to switch to radiotherapy. It now transpires they didn’t have the necessary kit.”

To a layman this sounds odd, to anyone familiar with cancer, it sounds criminal.


2 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. A beautifully, and yet saddening piece Robin.🙏
    We as a group have been communicating first with Brexit, then with this covid debacle, we could see the lies and deception from day 1, as time continued it became ever more so apparent, so if we could see them, so could they, yet they quashed the truth or lied to save themselves to the demise of a global culture, in my mind willfully. 😡
    Swiss Toni

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